Guang-Zhong Yang

Fellow, IEEE. Guang-Zhong Yang ( is the director and cofounder of the Hamlyn Centre, Imperial College London. His research interests include medical imaging, sensing, and robotics, and he has pioneered body sensor networks for providing personalized wireless monitoring platforms that are pervasive, intelligent, and context-aware. He is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and of the IEEE.

Associated articles

JBHI, Featured Articles
Toward Pervasive Gait Analysis With Wearable Sensors: A Systematic Review
After decades of evolution, measuring instruments for quantitative gait analysis have become an important clinical tool for assessing pathologies manifested by gait abnormalities. However, such instruments tend to be expensive and require expert operation and maintenance besides their high cost,... Read more
TBME, Featured Articles
From Wearable Sensors to Smart Implants – Toward Pervasive and Personalized Healthcare
Javier Andreu-Perez, Daniel R. Leff, Henry Man Ip, Guang-zhong Yang,  Imperial College London Chronic diseases, senescence-related dependence, and sedentary lifestyles have become increasingly common, leading to increased healthcare costs. To overcome these challenges, healthcare delivery requires novel technological advances focusing on prevention, early detection,... Read more
TNSRE, Featured Articles
Gait Analysis from a Single Ear-Worn Sensor: Reliability and Clinical Evaluation for Orthopaedic Patients
Objective assessment of detailed gait patterns after orthopaedic surgery is important for post-surgical follow-up and rehabilitation. The purpose of this paper is to assess the use of a single ear-worn sensor for clinical gait analysis. A reliability measure is devised... Read more
IEEE PULSE, Feature January/February 2016
Transforming Health Care
Despite the myriad assistive technologies that have been developed over the years, high installation costs and limited functionalities have prevented their widespread adoption. To overcome these barriers, the concept of body sensor networks (BSNs) was introduced, which proposes the development... Read more