Gregory S. Fischer

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An Integrated Robotic System for MRI-Guided Neuroablation: Preclinical Evaluation
This paper present preclinical trials of a robotic system for needle-based therapeutic ultrasound (NBTU) ablation of brain tumors under real-time magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) guidance. The system comprises of robotic manipulator and corresponding control electronics, the NBTU ablation system and applications for planning, navigation, and monitoring of the system. The integrated robotic system can place NBTU ablator at a desired target location in porcine brain and monitor the ablation in real-time via magnetic resonance thermal imaging (MRTI). The robotic system had a mean translational and rotational accuracy of 3.13±1.41 mm and 5.58±3.59° in 10 porcine trials... Read more
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Modeling of Interstitial Ultrasound Ablation for Continuous Applicator Rotation with MR Validation
Predictive modeling can play an important role in thermal ablative cancer treatments where estimated energy deposition may integrate into pre-operative planning software or combine with closed loop control. In this work, we develop a finite element model capable of simulating continuous rotation by a directional interstitial ultrasound applicator. The developed model simulates temperature maps for different rotation trajectories. The developed simulation was validated using magnetic resonance thermal imaging and demonstrated performance suitable for real-time control of robotically actuated conformal tumor ablation... Read more