Geraldine B. Boylan

Geraldine B. Boylan received the M.Sc. degree in physiology and the Ph.D. degree in clinical medicine from University College London, London, U.K. She was a Clinical Scientist in Neonatal Medicine in Kings College Hospital London from 1996 to 2001. She is currently a Professor in Paediatrics in the Department of Paediatrics and Child health, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland. Her research interest includes on accurately diagnosing seizures or “fits” in newborn babies by monitoring electrical brain activity and studies of blood flow regulation during neonatal seizures.

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Towards a Personalized Real-Time Diagnosis in Neonatal Seizure Detection
      The problem of creating a personalized seizure detection algorithm for newborns is tackled in this paper. A probabilistic framework for semi-supervised adaptation of a generic patient-independent neonatal seizure detector is proposed. A system that is based on a combination of... Read more