Farhad Rikhtegar Nezami

Farhad Rikhtegar Nezami, is currently affiliated as a postdoctoral associate in Harvard-MIT biomedical engineering lab. He has got his PhD in Mechanical engineering from ETH Zurich, where he conducted research on hemodynamics and drug transport in stented coronary arteries. He completed his masters at Sharif University of Technology in Tehran. Dr Rikhtegar’s research interests revolve around mechanistic understanding of human pathophysiology, successful translation of preclinical experiments to clinical practices, design and optimization of medical devices with utmost systematic biocompatibility and developing engineering platforms to drive progress from the laboratory bench and computational toolkits to the patient's bedside.

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JBHI, Featured Articles
Optimized Automated Segmentation and 3D Reconstruction Using Intracoronary Optical Coherence Tomography
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