Emily Roberge

Emily Roberge (eroberge@iss-casis.org) is a scientific research analyst for the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) and serves as the liaison to the CASIS Marketing and Communications Department. She has an M.S. degree in biomedical sciences from Baylor College of Medicine and an M.S. degree in science and technology journalism from Texas A&M University.

Associated articles

IEEE PULSE, Feature July/August 2014
Crystal Clear
Structure-based drug design is on the front line of promising advancements in disease treatment and personalized medicine. However, the difficulties of characterizing protein structures hamper these drug development efforts. To visualize the topography of a protein, one must crystallize the protein in a solution, outside... Read more
IEEE PULSE, Feature July/August 2014
The Gravity of It All
Today, exploration into the universe beyond our planet takes many forms and has led to fascinating discoveries in the life and physical sciences, many of which inform our understanding of health and medicine here on Earth. These new voyages of discovery include... Read more