Erin Iturriaga

ERIN ITURRIAGA received the Bachelors of Science degree from the School of Medicine, George Washington University, and the Masters of Science degree in nursing from the School of Nursing, George Washington University. She was recently accepted into the Doctorate of Nursing Practice Program with the School of Nursing, Yale University. She serves as a Program Officer and Clinical Trials Specialist with the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. She led an RFA called Onsite Tools and Technologies for Heart, Lung, and Blood Clinical Research Point-of- Care and has an interest in technology for home use especially in the aging population. She was an Invited Speaker at the American Heart Association Scientific Session 2015, Beyond COI: Academic/Industry Partnership in the Future of Health Technology, Orlando, FL, in 2015, and served as a Session Moderator on Condition Management with Mobile and Connected Health at the mHealth Summit Annual Meeting held in Washington, DC, in 2014. She also served as a Session Chair and Speaker at the Drug Information Association's Annual Meeting on What's the Point? Can Point of Care Technology Really Enhance Clinical Trials? held in Boston in 2013. She has a strong background in clinical research, including clinical trials management, education, and regulatory responsibilities.

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Point-of-Care Technologies for the Advancement of Precision Medicine in Heart, Lung, Blood, and Sleep Disorders
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