Elliot J. Roth

Elliot J. Roth received the M.D. degree from Northwestern University/Feinberg School of Medicine, in 1982. He is the Paul B. Magnuson Professor and Chairman of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and Medical Director of the Patient Recovery Unit at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA. He conducts research, teaching, and patient care in neurorehabilitation and disability. --- Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL, USA

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Use of Pelvic Corrective Force With Visual Feedback Improves Paretic Leg Muscle Activities and Gait Performance After Stroke
     The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of combined pelvic corrective force and visual feedback during treadmill walking on paretic leg muscle activity and gait characteristics in individuals with post-stroke hemiparesis. Fifteen chronic stroke participants completed visual... Read more
TNSRE, Featured Articles
Assessment of the Tongue-Drive System Using a Computer, a Smartphone, and a Powered-Wheelchair by People With Tetraplegia
Tongue-Drive System (TDS) is a wireless and wearable assistive technology that enables people with severe disabilities to control their computers, wheelchairs, and smartphones using voluntary tongue motion. To evaluate the efficacy of the TDS, several experiments were conducted, in which... Read more