Elisa Pérez

Elisa Pérez (eperez@gateme.unsj.edu.ar) is with the Gabinete de Tecnología Médica, Universidad Nacional de San Juan.

Associated articles

IEEE PULSE, Retrospectroscope September/October 2015
[accordion title=”Introducing the Authors”] When the stream is driven by a powerful pump, the running waters can take you to the unknowns of the mind. —Max E. Valentinuzzi Elisa Pérez was born in San Juan, Argentina, in 1978. She graduated as a bioengineer from... Read more
IEEE PULSE, Feature May/June 2016
From Hospital to Home Care
For people without disabilities, technology makes things easier. For people with disabilities, technology makes things possible. Advances in medicine have led to a significant increase in human life expectancy and, therefore, to a growing number of disabled elderly people who need chronic... Read more