Claudio Cobelli

Claudio Cobelli ( is with the Department of Information Engineering, Università di Padova, Italy.

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One-Day Bayesian Cloning of Type 1 Diabetes Subjects: Towards a Single-Day UVA/Padova Type 1 Diabetes Simulator
Roberto Visentin, Chiara Dalla Man, and Claudio Cobelli, University of Padova, Italy The UVA/Padova Type 1 Diabetes (T1DM) Simulator has been shown to be representative of a T1DM population observed in a clinical trial, but has not yet been identified on T1DM... Read more
IEEE PULSE, Feature July/August 2015
A Model Approach
Mathematical modeling of physiological systems is a fundamental milestone of biomedical engineering. Models allow for the quantitative understanding of the intimate functions of a biological system, estimating parameters that are not accessible to direct measurement and performing in silico trials... Read more