Chris Van Hoof

ESAT, KU Leuven, 26657 Leuven, Vlaanderen Belgium

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Position Paper Into the Wild: The Challenges of Physiological Stress Detection in Laboratory and Ambulatory Settings
   Stress and mental health have become major concerns worldwide. Research has already extensively investigated physiological signals as quantitative and continuous markers of stress. In recent years the focus of the field has shifted from the laboratory to the ambulatory environment.... Read more
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Pulse Arrival Time Segmentation into Cardiac and Vascular Intervals – Implications for Pulse Wave Velocity and Blood Pressure Estimation
Pulse wave velocity (PWV) is a pressure-dependent marker of arterial stiffness, wherefore pulse arrival time (PAT) has been widely investigated for cuff-less blood pressure (BP) estimation. However, PAT is typically biased by a cardiac delay and peripheral vasculature. Therefore, we demonstrate an ultrasound-based method for central PAT segmentation into cardiac isovolumic contraction (IVC) and vascular pulse transit time (PTT). Contrasting peripheral PAT, central PTT-based PWV explained more than twice as much variability in the reference PWV and yielded significantly lower BP estimation errors. Thereby this unilateral arterial stiffness assessment bears the potential to improve cardiovascular risk assessment in clinical routines... Read more