Chen-Huan Chen

Chen-Huan Chen received the MD degree from the Faculty of Medicine, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan, in 1982. He was a clinical research fellow at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, Division of Cardiology, BA, from 1995-1997. He has been on the faculty of the Department of Medicine since 1989, where he is currently a Professor. He completed internal medicine residency training and cardiology fellowship training at Taipei Veterans General Hospital in 1990, where he is currently an attending physician. His research interests focus on cardiovascular epidemiology, hemodynamics, vascular aging, arterial stiffness, wave reflections, heart failure, and development of new methods for noninvasive assessment of cardiac and vascular functions. His research works have contributed significantly to the understanding and utilization of the generalized transfer function concept and the optimal clinical assessment of the wave reflections.

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