Chang Liu

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A Data-Driven Approach to Transfer Function Analysis for Superior Discriminative Power: Optimized Assessment of Dynamic Cerebral Autoregulation
Transfer function analysis (TFA) is extensively used to assess human physiological functions. However, extracting parameters from TFA is not usually optimized for detecting impaired function. In this study, we proposed to use data-driven approaches to improve the performance of TFA... Read more
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Transcranial Focused Ultrasound Neuromodulation of Voluntary Movement-related Cortical Activity in Humans
Low-intensity transcranial focused ultrasound (tFUS) is a non-invasive brain stimulation tool for reversibly modulating brain circuits. How the tFUS influences the human voluntary motor processing in the brain remains unclear. We applied the tFUS to modulate the movement-related cortical potential (MRCP) originating from human subjects practicing a voluntary foot tapping task. The MRCP source was reconstructed and evaluated for assessing the tFUS neuromodulatory effects on the voluntary MRCP. The effect of ultrasound pulse repetition frequency was further assessed in modulating the MRCP. This work provides the first evidence of tFUS enhancing the human endogenous motor cortical activities through excitatory modulation... Read more