Brian Leaker

Brian Leaker is a Consultant Nephrologist with an interest in nephro-urology and treatment of complex urinary disorders. He is an accredited clinical investigator for Phase I and high-risk clinical studies (MHRA). He has established a specialist clinical trials company, Nephro-Urology Clinical Trials (NUCT) Ltd., which conducts clinical trials of novel drugs and devices to treat incontinence and disorders of the urinary tract. NUCT Ltd. holds a worldwide patent for the wearable pudendal stimulation device.

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Minimizing Stimulus Current in a Wearable Pudendal Nerve Stimulator Using Computational Models
After spinal cord injury, functions of the lower urinary tract may be disrupted. A wearable device with surface electrodes which can effectively control the bladder functions would be highly beneficial to the patients. A trans-rectal pudendal nerve stimulator may provide... Read more