Bo Geng

Bo Geng received her Master of Engineering degree in signal and information processing in 2005 from Institute of Electronics Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, and Ph.D. degree in biomedical engineering in 2013 from Aalborg University, Denmark. She is currently an assistant professor with the department of Healthy Science and Technology at Aalborg University. Her main research interests include sensory substitution and the use of sensory feedback to modulate brain plasticity for phantom limb pain and chronic low back pain relief.

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Psychophysical Evaluation of Subdermal Electrical Stimulation in Relation to Prosthesis Sensory Feedback
      This study evaluated the psychophysical properties of subdermal electrical stimulation to investigate its feasibility in providing sensory feedback for limb prostheses. The detection threshold (DT), pain threshold (PT), just noticeable difference (JND), as well as the elicited sensation quality, comfort,... Read more