Ayoung Hong

Multi-Scale Robotics Lab ETH Zurich

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Magnetic Control of a Flexible Needle in Neurosurgery
This paper presents a flexible needle steering system with magnetic control and fluoroscopic guidance for neurosurgical procedures. A permanent magnet at the proximal end of a flexible needle is steered by an external magnetic field, and the resultant tip-deflection angle bends the flexible body. The linear motion at the distal end of the needle actuates the needle insertion in soft tissues. The proposed needle steering system was tested using an in vitro brain phantom and ex vivo pig brain; the flexible needle was successfully maneuvered to follow the predefined straight and curved trajectories... Read more
TBME, Featured Articles
Guide-wired Helical Microrobot for Percutaneous Revascularization in Chronic Total Occlusion in-vivo Validation
Here we show an enhanced powered guide wired helical millirobot for mechanical thrombectomy in cardiovascular intervention capable of autonomous therapeutics. We build up and demonstrate a millimeter robot fabrication with a spherical joint and a guidewire, a high-power and frequency actuation via external electromagnetic field control, and autonomous therapeutic motions comprise driving, steering, and drilling. We validate all performances in two-dimensional fluidic channels mimicking the vascular network and finally in-vivo environments. Beyond nature-inspired millirobot technologies, our work has the potential of advanced mechanical thrombectomy application and advancement of micrometer and millimeter robot technology toward real clinical utilization... Read more