Athanasios V. Vasilakos

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Anti-ISI Demodulation Scheme and Its Experiment-Based Evaluation for Diffusion-Based Molecular Communication
In diffusion-based molecular communication, the most common modulation technique is based on the concentration of information molecules. However, the random delay of molecules due to the channel with memory causes severe inter-symbol interference (ISI) among consecutive signals. In this paper,... Read more
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A Molecular Communications Model for Drug Delivery
This paper considers the scenario of a targeted drug delivery system, which consists of deploying a number of biological nanomachines close to a biological target (e.g., a tumor), able to deliver drug molecules in the diseased area. Suitably located transmitters... Read more
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Information-Theoretic Model and Analysis of Molecular Signaling in Targeted Drug Delivery
Targeted drug delivery (TDD) modality promises a smart localization of appropriate dose of therapeutic drugs to the targeted part of the body at reduced system toxicity. To achieve the desired goals of TDD, accurate analysis of the system is important.... Read more