Anastasios Bezerianos

Medical Physics, University of Patras, Patras, Achaia, Greece, 26500 (e-mail:

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Functional Connectivity Analysis of Mental Fatigue Reveals Different Network Topological Alterations Between Driving and Vigilance Tasks
       Despite the apparent importance of mental fatigue detection, a reliable application is hindered due to the incomprehensive understanding of the neural mechanisms of mental fatigue. In this paper, we investigated the topological alterations of functional brain networks in the theta... Read more
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Dynamic reorganization of functional connectivity unmasks fatigue related performance declines in simulated driving
Although driving fatigue has long been recognized as one of the leading causes of fatal accidents worldwide, the underlying neural mechanisms remain largely unknown that impedes the developments of automatic detection techniques... Read more
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EEG fingerprints of task-independent mental workload discrimination
In the nascent field of neuroergonomics, mental workload assessment is one of the most important issues and has an apparent significance in real-world applications. Although prior research has achieved efficient single-task classification, scatted studies on cross-task mental workload assessment usually result in unsatisfactory performance. Here, we introduce a data-driven analysis framework to overcome the challenges regarding task-independent workload assessment using a fusion of EEG spectral characteristics and unveil the common neural mechanisms underlying mental workload... Read more