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Semi-Automated Graphical System for Calculating Pulmonary Vascular Impedances in a Clinical Setting
Computer graphic on right illustrates the steps necessary to analyze PVZ using the CompositePVZ © software. This includes measuring pulmonary artery (PA) diameter, tracing of PA pressure waveforms, pulsed-wave Doppler waveforms, and corresponding electrocardiogram signals. It also illustrates the user... Read more
Assessment of Carotid Arterial Stiffness in Community Settings with ARTSENS®
Objective: We investigate the field feasibility of carotid stiffness measurement using ARTSENS® Touch and report the first community-level data from India. Method: In an analytical cross-sectional survey among 1074 adults, we measured specific stiffness index (β), pressure-strain elastic modulus (Ep),... Read more
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Technical validation of ARTSENS – An image free device for evaluation of vascular stiffness
Vascular stiffness is an indicator of cardiovascular health, with carotid artery stiffness having established correlation to coronary heart disease and utility in cardiovascular diagnosis and screening. State of art equipment for stiffness evaluation are expensive, require expertise to operate and... Read more