Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering

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The S-Finger: A Synergetic Externally Powered Digit With Tactile Sensing and Feedback
         Partial hand amputation is by far the most common type of amputation worldwide. Nevertheless, regardless of their potential clinical and socioeconomic impact, battery-powered partial hand prostheses, namely, powered digits, have modestly progressed so far, and very few clinical solutions are... Read more
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Novel Targeted Sensory Reinnervation Technique to Restore Functional Hand Sensation After Transhumeral Amputation
Hebert, J.S. ; Olson, J.L. ; Morhart, M.J. ; Dawson, M.R. ; Marasco, P.D. ; Kuiken, T.A. ; Chang, K.M. ACCESS PAPER DATA READ FULL ARTICLE ON IEEE XPLORE Abstract We present a case study of a novel variation of the targeted sensory reinnervation... Read more