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Assessment of Carotid Arterial Stiffness in Community Settings with ARTSENS®
Objective: We investigate the field feasibility of carotid stiffness measurement using ARTSENS® Touch and report the first community-level data from India. Method: In an analytical cross-sectional survey among 1074 adults, we measured specific stiffness index (β), pressure-strain elastic modulus (Ep),... Read more
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A Multimodal Pancreas Phantom for Computer-Assisted Surgery Training
Training of surgical residents and the establishment of innovative surgical techniques require training phantoms that realistically mimic human anatomy. Because animal models have their limitations due to ethical aspects, costs, and the required efforts to set up such training, artificial... Read more
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Ultrasound-Based Attenuation Imaging for the Non-Invasive Quantification of Liver Fat – A Pilot Study on Feasibility and Inter-Observer Variability
Attenuation imaging is a novel, ultrasound-based technique to objectively detect and quantify liver steatosis. In this study, we evaluated the performance and inter-observer variability of attenuation imaging and compared it to a known quantification method of liver fat, the hepatorenal... Read more
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Video Magnification Applied in Ultrasound
Biological tissues such as the myocardium or the artery walls are subject to fast and complex phenomena which are related to their physical properties (geometry, composition, stiffness, etc.) as well as their function. Imaging these characteristics is essential from a... Read more
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Real-Time Blood Pressure Estimation From Force-Measured Ultrasound
Common techniques to measure blood pressure include an arterial catheter, an oscillometric pressure cuff, or an auscultatory pressure cuff. Oscillometric and auscultatory cuffs have an associated error, cannot be used continuously, and fully collapse the brachial artery. An auscultatory cuff... Read more
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Automated In Vivo Sub-Hertz Analysis of Viscoelasticity (SAVE) for Evaluation of Breast Lesions
Many breast tumors found by palpation manifest as stiff masses. The stiffness of tumor is related to a mechanical property known as elasticity. Elastography methods use tissue elasticity as a biomarker to provide invaluable information that improves classification of the... Read more
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Automated Compression Device for Viscoelasticity Imaging
Such a device should be lightweight, portable and easy to use for patient studies to capture tissue dynamics under external stress. We present the design of an automated compression device for studying the creep response of materials with tissue-like behaviors.... Read more
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A Versatile Ultrasound Simulation System for Education and Training in High-Fidelity Emergency Scenarios
Point of care ultrasonography and the related focused assessment with sonography for trauma protocol, if performed by experienced physicians, is a highly sensitive examination, and specific for the detection of free fluids. Different systems and methods have been proposed for... Read more
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Assessment of Foot Trajectory for Human Gait Phase Detection Using Wireless Ultrasonic Sensor Network
This paper presents a new highly accurate gait phase detection system using wearable wireless ultrasonic sensors, which can be used in gait analysis or rehabilitation applications. The gait phase detection system uses the foot displacement information during walking to extract... Read more
TBME 60th Anniversary
Small-Animal Whole-Body Photoacoustic Tomography: A Review
Jun Xia, Lihong V. Wang, Optical Imaging Lab, Washington University in St. Louis Volume 61, Issue 5, Page:1380-1389 Small animals, especially mice, are widely used in biomedical research for studying and modeling the progression of human diseases and the response to potential therapies.... Read more