IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering

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An MR-Safe Endovascular Robotic Platform: Design, Control, and Ex-Vivo Evaluation
Endovascular interventions in combination with fluoroscopic navigation are a standard of care for diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Our work focuses on novel robotic systems for use in non-ionising MRI environments and enhanced manipulation of endovascular instrumentation. We present a novel robotic platform that comprises of a remotely operated MR compatible manipulator and an intuitive user interface. We evaluate the device performance in an expert user study with manual vs. robotic execution of endovascular tasks in ex-vivo phantoms. The promising study results may promote a paradigm shift towards fusion of robotic endovascular surgery with MRI-based navigation... Read more
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Teleoperation of an ankle-foot prosthesis with a wrist exoskeleton
This work aims to mimic sensorimotor control pathways disrupted after amputation with a system that allows a user to teleoperate their ankle-foot prosthesis with a wrist exoskeleton while receiving augmented sensory feedback. We present a novel wrist exoskeleton design and two control strategies that dictate ankle prosthesis behavior based on wrist input. We validate all system components with benchtop testing and demonstrate that one individual with transtibial amputation can accurately command desired wrist trajectories while walking. Systems like this have the potential to provide insight into human motor control and improve functional gait metrics for people with lower-limb amputation... Read more
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Teleoperation of Collaborative Robot for Remote Dementia Care in Home Environments
As a senile chronic, progressive and currently incurable disease, dementia has an enormous impact on society and life quality of the elderly. The development of teleoperation technology has changed the traditional way of care delivery and brought a variety of... Read more