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Targeted Drug Delivery for Cardiovascular Disease: Modeling of Modulated Extracellular Vesicle Release Rates
Invasive and medical therapy has led to major improvements in cardiovascular disease management, but important challenges remain open. The discovery of a nano-sized system of extracellular vesicles (EVs) is opening new possibilities for reprogramming malfunctioning cells and indicates that EVs... Read more
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Overcoming Channel Uncertainties in Touchable Molecular Communication for Direct-Drug-Targeting-Assisted Immuno-Chemotherapy
The performance of targeted immuno-chemotherapy of tumor is highly exposed to drug absorption in systemic circulation, which reduces its efficiency and increases side-effects. Direct drug targeting (DDT) combined with immuno-chemotherapy has the potential to mitigate the undesired systemic exposure, by... Read more
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Modeling Contrast-Imaging-Assisted Optimal Targeted Drug Delivery: A Touchable Communication Channel Estimation and Waveform Design Perspective
To maximize the effect of treatment and minimize the adverse effect on patients, we propose to optimize nanorobots-assisted targeted drug delivery (TDD) for locoregional treatment of tumor from the perspective of touchable communication channel estimation and waveform design. The drug... Read more
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Molecular Communication Model for Targeted Drug Delivery in Multiple Disease Sites With Diversely Expressed Enzymes
Targeted drug delivery (TDD) for disease therapy using liposomes as nanocarriers has received extensive attention in the literature. The liposome’s ability to incorporate capabilities such as long circulation, stimuli responsiveness, and targeting characteristics, makes it a versatile nanocarrier. Timely drug... Read more
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A Touch-Communication Framework for Drug Delivery Based on a Transient Microbot System
Recent progress in bioresorbable radio frequency electronics and engineered bacteria has promised the prospect of realizing a transient microbot (TM) system for therapeutic applications. The inorganic or organic miniature robots will dissolve into the human body after completing the required... Read more
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A Molecular Communication System Model for Particulate Drug Delivery Systems
Youssef Chahibi, Massimiliano Pierobon, Sang Ok Song, and Ian F. Akyildiz Volume 60, Issue: 12, Page:468-483 The goal of a drug delivery system (DDS) is to convey a drug where the medication is needed, while, at the same time, preventing the drug... Read more