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Utilizing Neurons for Digital Logic Circuits: A Molecular Communications Analysis
With the advancement of synthetic biology, several new tools have been conceptualized over the years as alternative treatments for current medical procedures. This work we investigate how synthetically engineered neurons can operate as digital logic gates that can be used... Read more
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Implementing Nonlinear Feedback Controllers Using DNA Strand Displacement Reactions
We show how an important class of nonlinear feedback controllers can be designed using idealized abstract chemical reactions and implemented via DNA strand displacement (DSD) reactions. Exploiting chemical reaction networks (CRNs) as a programming language for the design of complex... Read more
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Modeling biology with HDL languages: a first step toward a Genetic Design Automation tool inspired from microelectronics
Yves Gendrault, Morgan Madec, Christophe Lallement, Jacques Haiech Université de Strasbourg and the Centre National de Recherches Scientifiques Volume 61, Issue 4, Page: 1231-1240 Nowadays, synthetic biology is a hot research topic. Each day, progresses are made to improve the complexity of artificial... Read more