IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering

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Navigated breast tumor excision using electromagnetically tracked ultrasound and surgical instruments
Tamas Ungi, Gabrielle Gauvin, Andras Lasso, Caitlin T. Yeo, Padina Pezeshki, Thomas Vaughan, Kaci Carter, John Rudan, C. Jay Engel, and Gabor Fichtinger, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Volume 63, Issue 3, Page: 600-606 Lumpectomy, breast conserving tumor excision, is the standard... Read more
Featured Articles
An Integrated Widefield Imaging and Spectroscopy System for Contrast-Enhanced, Image-guided Resection of Tumors
Volume 62, Issue 5, Page: 1416-1424 Surgery is the most widely used treatment for solid tumors worldwide. However, recurrence of the tumor following surgery continues to prevent many patients from achieving complete remission. There are several factors that contribute to tumor... Read more