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Combined Single Cell Manipulation and Chemomechanical Modeling to Probe Cell Migration Mechanism during Cell-to-cell Interaction
During cell-to-cell interaction, spatial presentations of chemical and mechanical information are key parameters for cell migration. A chemomechanical model to assess the biochemical and biophysical modulators of single cell migration during cell-to-cell interaction can help to understand cell migration in a complex environment that is close to realistic in vivo situation. In the work, the issue is modeled based on molecular clutches, and experiment validation is implemented through single cell manipulation through optical tweezers. The results show that cell migration velocity caused by chemotaxis can be biased by dynamic adhesion force between cells... Read more
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Achieving Automated Organelle Biopsy on Small Single Cells Using a Cell Surgery Robotic System
       Studies on bulk tissues only provide a statistical average of several actions taken place in different cells. Single cell investigation may disclose further important and in-depth information. Single cell surgery such as manipulation or removal of subcellular components or/and organelles... Read more