IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering

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Target Flow-Pressure Operating Range for Designing a Failing Fontan Cavopulmonary Support Device
The Fontan procedure has enabled the survival of single ventricle patients into adulthood and reduced early morbidity. However, the lack of a sub-pulmonary ventricle to pump blood flow forward into the lungs have led to serious late complications, including a failing circulation. Using computational modeling of hemodynamics, this study aims to elucidate the hydraulic operating regions to be targeted for designing a cavopulmonary pump that can support Fontan patients with failing circulations. These operating regions also provide criteria for evaluating the off-label use of commercially available blood pumps for Fontan cavopulmonary support... Read more
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Full Body Musculoskeletal Model for Muscle-Driven Simulation of Human Gait
Rajagopal, Christopher L. Dembia, Matthew S. DeMers, Denny D. Delp, Jennifer L. Hicks, and Scott L. Delp, Stanford University Human movement involves complex interactions between the neuromuscular and skeletal systems, many components of which cannot be easily measured in a laboratory setting.... Read more
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Simulation-Based Design for Wearable Robotic Systems: An Optimization Framework for Enhancing a Standing Long Jump
Wearable robotic devices offer great potential to improve human performance for various movement tasks, but the success of these devices has been limited by our insufficient understanding of the complex interactions between the human and assistive device. With computer simulation... Read more