Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering

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Evaluating Auditory Neural Activities and Information Transfer Using Phase and Spike Train Correlation Algorithms
The coherence of neural activities among different areas in the brain has received great attention because it is valuable in understanding the functional mechanism of brain structures. While many methodologies, such as time-frequency and entropy analysis, have been applied to evaluate relations between neural signals, these techniques haven’t been effective in assessing neural communication in order to reach conclusions... Read more
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An Open-Source Feature Extraction Tool for the Analysis of Peripheral Physiological Data
      Electrocardiogram, electrodermal activity, electromyogram, continuous blood pressure, and impedance cardiography are among the most commonly used peripheral physiological signals (biosignals) in psychological studies and healthcare applications, including health tracking, sleep quality assessment, disease early-detection/diagnosis, and understanding human emotional and affective... Read more
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Orientation Independent Catheter-Based Characterization of Myocardial Activation
Cardiac electrogram (EGM) signals and electrophysiologic (EP) characteristics derived from them such as amplitude and timing are central to the diagnosis and therapeutic management of arrhythmias. Bipolar EGMs are often used but possess polarity and shape dependence on catheter orientation... Read more