IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering

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Mechanical Imaging of Soft Tissues with Miniature Climbing robots
We propose a method that uses our previously developed skin-crawling robots to noninvasively test the mechanical properties of soft tissue. We explore the use of two miniature sensors: an indenter and a cutometer. We evaluate the sensor's performance from data collected on simulated tissue, classifying the depth and size of a simulated lump with over 98.8% accuracy using convolutional neural nets. Finally, we do limited on-body testing to map dry skin on the forearm with a cutometer. We hope to improve the ability to test tissues noninvasively, providing better sensitivity and systematic data collection... Read more
Side-Channel Sensing: Exploiting Side-Channels to Extract Information for Medical Diagnostics and Monitoring
Abstract Information within systems can be extracted through side-channels; unintended communication channels that leak information. The concept of side-channel sensing is explored, in which sensor data is analysed in non-trivial ways to recover subtle, hidden or unexpected information. Practical examples... Read more
Featured Articles
Unobtrusive Monitoring of Neonatal Brain Temperature Using a Zero-Heat-Flux Sensor Matrix
The temperature of preterm neonates must be maintained within a narrow window to ensure their survival. Continuously measuring their core temperature provides an optimal means of monitoring their thermoregulation and their response to environmental changes. However, existing methods of measuring... Read more