Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering

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Spatial and Functional Selectivity of Peripheral Nerve Signal Recording With the Transversal Intrafascicular Multichannel Electrode (TIME)
The selection of suitable peripheral nerve electrodes for biomedical applications implies a trade-off between invasiveness and selectivity. The optimal design should provide the highest selectivity for targeting a large number of nerve fascicles with the least invasiveness and potential damage... Read more
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Stimulation Selectivity of the “Thin-Film Longitudinal Intrafascicular Electrode” (tfLIFE) and the “Transverse Intrafascicular Multi-Channel Electrode” (TIME) in the Large Nerve Animal Model
A. Kundu, K. R. Harreby, K. Yoshida, T. Boretius, T. Stieglitz and W. Jensen ACCESS PAPER DATA READ FULL ARTICLE ON IEEE XPLORE Abstract Neural prostheses are limited by the availability of peripheral neural electrodes to record the user’s intention or provide sensory feedback through functional... Read more