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Chirp-Evoked Auditory Steady-State Response: The Effect of Repetition Rate
The auditory steady-state response (ASSR) is commonly used in clinical pediatric audiology to provide an electrophysiological estimate of hearing thresholds, and has the potential to be used in unsupervised mobile EEG applications. Enhancement of the ASSR amplitude through optimization of the stimulation and recording methods shortens the required testing time or reduce the offset between the electrophysiological and behavioral thresholds. In this study, the spatial distribution of the ASSR to broadband chirp stimuli is investigated across a wide range of repetition rates on the scalp and in the ears. Moreover, the ASSR amplitude is compared for commonly used electrode configurations... Read more
Seizure Onset Detection Using Empirical Mode Decomposition and Common Spatial Pattern
Automatic seizure onset detection plays an important role in epilepsy diagnosis. In this paper, a novel seizure onset detection method is proposed by combining empirical mode decomposition (EMD) of long-term scalp electroencephalogram (EEG) with common spatial pattern (CSP). First, wavelet... Read more