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Real-time Radiofrequency Ablation Lesion Depth Estimation Using Multi-Frequency Impedance with a Deep Neural Network and Tree-based Ensemble
A combination of different machine learning algorithms and a hardware setup that consists of an embedded system and a 3D-printed electrode device is used to monitor the progress of radiofrequency ablation depth on a perfused breast tissue model. The device at the center of the tissue model both applied the alternating current and collected the tissue impedance data at multiple frequencies, which is fed into tree-based ensemble (TE) models and a deep neural network (DNN). Their predictions showed a mean difference against physical measurements of 0.5 mm for the DNN and 0.7 mm for the TEs... Read more
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Microaneurysm Detection Using Principal Component Analysis and Machine Learning Methods
Diabetic retinopathy (DR) is an eye abnormality caused by long-term diabetes and it is the most common cause of blindness before the age of 50. Microaneurysms (MAs), resulting from leakage from retinal blood vessels, are early indicators of DR. In... Read more
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A Multi-Classifier System for Automatic Mitosis Detection in Breast Histopathology Images using Deep Belief Networks
Mitotic count is an important diagnostic factor in breast cancer grading and prognosis. Detection of mitosis in breast histopathology images is very challenging mainly due to diffused intensities along object boundary and shape variation in different stages of mitosis. This... Read more