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Development and Characterization of a Non-Thermal Plasma Source for Therapeutic Treatments
A non−thermal plasma (NTP) system constituted by a radiofrequency generator directly coupled to a treatment probe is described. The NTP generated was analyzed and characterized to determine a plasma safety profile and a spreading technique to be used on heat−sensitive matter. When NTP interacts with surrounding air particles produces reactive oxygen and nitrogen species that exhibit bactericidal and antiseptic effects due to their strong biochemical reactivity. Afterward, the NTP source was validated through bacterial deactivation trials, biological tests and promoting and in vivo wound closure performed in mice. NTP source demonstrated faster wound healing than that performed with conventional treatments... Read more
Sub-Nanowatt Ultrasonic Bio-Telemetry Using B-Scan Imaging
Goal: The objective of this paper is to investigate if the use of a B-scan ultrasound imaging system can reduce the energy requirements, and hence the power-dissipation requirements to support wireless bio-telemetry at an implantable device. Methods: B-scan imaging data were... Read more
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Passive Self Resonant Skin Patch Sensor to Monitor Intraventricular Volume using Electromagnetic Properties of Fluid Volume Changes
This paper focuses on the development of a passive, lightweight skin patch sensor that can measure fluid volume changes in the heart in a non-invasive, point-of-care setting. The wearable sensor is an electromagnetic, self-resonant sensor configured into a specific pattern... Read more
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Genome-Wide Search for Translated Upstream Open Reading Frames in Arabidopsis Thaliana
Upstream open reading frames (uORFs) are open reading frames that occur within the 5′ UTR of an mRNA. uORFs have been found in many organisms. They play an important role in gene regulation, cell development, and in various metabolic processes.... Read more
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Heart Rate Detection during Sleep Using the Flexible RF Resonator and Injection-Locked PLL Sensor
A novel non-intrusive technology for wrist pulse detection system has been developed and proposed for sleep monitoring using three types of radio frequency (RF) sensors. The three types of RF sensors for heart rate measurement on wrist, were the flexible... Read more