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Towards Non-invasive Lung Tumor Tracking Based on Patient Specific Model of Respiratory System
This work aims to calculate a complex internal respiratory and tumoral movements by measuring respiratory airflows and thorax movements. We present a new lung tumor tracking approach based on a patient-specific biomechanical model of the respiratory system, which takes into account the physiology of respiratory motion to simulate the real non-reproducible motion. We have evaluated the model accuracy on five public datasets and over all phases of respiration. The results demonstrate the effectiveness of our physics-based model. This model can be potentially used as non-invasive lung tumor tracking system during treatment based on external sensors... Read more
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Real-time Lung Tumor Tracking Using A CUDA Enabled Nonrigid Registration Algorithm for MRI
This study intends to develop an accurate, real-time tumor tracking algorithm for the automated radiation therapy for cancer treatment using Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) computing. Although a previous moving mesh based tumor tracking approach has been shown to be successful... Read more
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System Integration and In Vivo Testing of a Robot for Ultrasound Guidance and Monitoring During Radiotherapy
Image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) involves two main steps: (1) planning/simulation using computerized tomography (CT) imaging and (2) fractionated treatment delivery using a linear accelerator (LINAC). These are performed on different days and in different rooms; thus it is necessary to... Read more