IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering

Featured Articles, Special Issue: BRAIN
Close-Packed Silicon Microelectrodes for Scalable Spatially Oversampled Neural Recording
Jorg Scholvin, Justin P. Kinney, Jacob G. Bernstein, Caroline Moore-Kochlacs, Nancy Kopell, Clifton G. Fonstad, Edward S. Boyden, Massachusetts Institute of Technology & Boston University, USA Neural recording electrodes are important for understanding neural codes and brain dynamics. The need for close-packed neural... Read more
Featured Articles
A Generalized dSpliceType Framework to Detect Differential Splicing and Differential Expression Events Using RNA-Seq
ACCESS PAPER DATA READ FULL ARTICLE ON IEEE XPLORE Abstract Transcriptomes are routinely compared in term of a list of differentially expressed genes followed by functional enrichment analysis. Due to the technology limitations of microarray, the molecular mechanisms of differential expression is poorly... Read more