IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering

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Selective activation of cortical columns using multichannel magnetic stimulation with a bent flat microwire array
This work presents a novel bent flat microwire array for multichannel intracortical magnetic stimulation and demonstrates its effectiveness for selective activation of cortical columns. Computational modeling and physiological experiments revealed that bent wire array can selectively activate different cortical columns simultaneously, and that both the spatial extent of activation and the spatial resolution are influenced by the spacing between the bent wires as well as the stimulus intensity. These results suggest that bent microwire arrays can enhance the selectivity of multichannel stimulation of cortex and therefore may help to develop reliable and effective cortical neural prostheses... Read more
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Micro-coil Design Influences the Spatial Extent of Responses to Intracortical Magnetic Stimulation
Electrical stimulation via cortically-implanted electrodes has been proposed to treat a wide range of neurological disorders. Effectiveness has been limited however, in part due to the inability of conventional electrodes to activate specific types of neurons while avoiding other types.... Read more