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Hand-held zoom micro-imaging system based on microfluidic chip for point-of-care testing (POCT) of vaginal inflammation
Background: Vaginitis is a common and very private disease, and the current diagnosis is a frequent go to the hospital for testing. Objective: In order to improve the convenience and speed of detection, in this paper, we have developed a... Read more
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Development Of Low-Cost Point-Of-Care Technologies For Cervical Cancer Prevention Based On A Single-Board Computer
Cervical cancer disproportionally affects women in low- and middle-income countries, in part due to the difficulty of implementing existing cervical cancer screening and diagnostic technologies in low-resource settings. Single-board computers offer a low-cost alternative to provide computational support for automated... Read more
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Feasibility of using high-contrast grating as a point-of-care sensor for therapeutic drug monitoring of immunosuppressants
Abstract Point-of-care (POC) testing has demonstrated great transformative potential in personalized medicine. In particular, patients undergoing transplantation require POC testing to ensure appropriate serum immunosuppressant levels so as to maintain adequate graft function and survival. However, no suitable POC device... Read more
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Smartphone Based Point-of-Care Urinalysis Under Variable Illumination
     Urine tests are performed by using an off-the-shelf reference sheet to compare the color of test strips. However, the tabular representation is difficult to use and more prone to visual errors, especially when the reference color-swatches to be compared are... Read more
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Guiding Empiric Treatment for Serious Bacterial Infections via Point of Care B-Lactamase Characterization
For suspected serious bacterial infection in infants, ampicillin administration is a standard treatment (left panel). However, patients with a β-lactamase positive infection may be resistant to this treatment. As delays in effective treatment are correlated with poor patient outcome, rapid... Read more