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Ultra-high-resolution 3D optical coherence tomography reveals inner structures of human placenta-derived trophoblast organoids
Many pregnancy complications are assumed to have their pathophysiological roots in early stages of placentation. Hence, trophoblast research represents a pre-requisite to help preventing pregnancy disorders that endangers uncomplicated gestations and jeopardizes maternal/fetal wellbeing later in life. Recently established 3D trophoblast organoids (TB-ORG) advanced human placental research. However, gold standard methods for determining TB-ORG architectures lack imaging depth and/or are endpoint analyses. We addressed these problems with 3D optical coherence tomography (OCT). This work demonstrates for the first time that OCT resolves label-free inner structures of TB-ORG during cultivation and enables qualitative/quantitative assessment of their differentiation status without sample destruction... Read more