Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering

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Non-invasive Ring Electrode with a Wireless Electrical Recording and Stimulating System for Monitoring Preterm Labor
Preterm labor and birth are the primary causes of neonatal morbidities and mortalities. The early detection and treatment of preterm uterine muscular contraction are crucial for the management of preterm labor. In this work, a ring electrode with a wireless electrical recording and stimulating (RE-WERS) system was designed, fabricated, and investigated for the noninvasive monitoring of uterine contraction/relaxation as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool for preterm labor... Read more
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Fit to Burst: Toward Noninvasive Estimation of Achilles Tendon Load Using Burst Vibrations
In this study, we present a novel method of noninvasively estimating mechanical load in the Achilles tendon using burst vibrations. These vibrations, produced by a small vibration motor on the skin superficial to the tendon, are sensed by a skin-mounted accelerometer, which measures the tendon’s response to burst excitation under varying tensile load. Characteristic changes in the burst response profile as a function of tendon tension are observed and used as inputs to an ML model, which yields accurate (R2 = 0.85) estimates of ankle loading during gait. Preliminary results of a fully wearable ankle load monitor are also presented... Read more