Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering

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A Mechatronic System for Studying Energy Optimization During Walking
    A general principle of human movement is that our nervous system is able to learn optimal coordination strategies. However, how our nervous system performs this optimization is not well understood. Here we design, build, and test a mechatronic system to... Read more
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Design and Characterization of an Exoskeleton for Perturbing the Knee During Gait
The human knee joint displays a wide range of mechanical behaviors, enabling efficient and robust locomotion under varying conditions. With the rise of active and semi-active knee assistive devices (e.g., prostheses and orthoses), there is a need to quantify the... Read more
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Reduction of the Linear Reflex Gain Explained from the M1-M2 Refractory Period
Asbjørn Klomp, Erwin de Vlugt, Carel G.M. Meskers, Jurriaan H. de Groot, J. Hans Arendzen and Frans C.T. van der Helm Volume: 60, Issue: 6, Page:1721-1727 In addition to voluntary control from the brain, the central nervous system (CNS) uses proprioceptive information... Read more