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Micro-coil Design Influences the Spatial Extent of Responses to Intracortical Magnetic Stimulation
Electrical stimulation via cortically-implanted electrodes has been proposed to treat a wide range of neurological disorders. Effectiveness has been limited however, in part due to the inability of conventional electrodes to activate specific types of neurons while avoiding other types.... Read more
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Precise Tubular Braid Structures of Ultrafine Microwires as Neural Probes: Significantly Reduced Chronic Immune Response and Greater Local Neural Survival in Rat Cortex
   Braided multi-electrode probes (BMEPs) for neural interfaces comprise ultrafine microwire bundles interwoven into tubular braids. BMEPs provide highly flexible probes and tethers, and an open lattice structure with up to 24 recording/stimulating channels in precise geometries, currently all within a... Read more
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A High-Performance Neural Prosthesis Incorporating Discrete State Selection with Hidden Markov Models
Communication neural prostheses aim to restore efficient communication to people with paralysis and ALS.  These systems record neural signals from the brain and translate them, through a decoder algorithm, into control signals for moving an end effector.  In our study,... Read more
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Semiparametric Identification of Human Arm Dynamics for Flexible Control of a Functional Electrical Stimulation Neuroprosthesis
We present a method to identify the dynamics of a human arm controlled by an implanted functional electrical stimulation neuroprosthesis. The method uses Gaussian process regression to predict shoulder and elbow torques given the shoulder and elbow joint positions and... Read more
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neuroBi: A Highly Configurable Neurostimulator for a Retinal Prosthesis and Other Applications
This paper presents an innovative neurostimulator for use with a suprachoroidal retinal prosthesis. Clinical test results are described which show it to be effective in eliciting visual percepts in a profoundly vision-impaired subject with approximately 20 years of light perception... Read more
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Suppression of Subthalamic Nucleus Activity by Micromagnetic Stimulation
Abstract Magnetic stimulation delivered via 0.5-mm diameter coils was recently shown to activate retinal neurons; the small coil size raises the possibility that micromagnetic stimulation (μMS) could underlie a new generation of implanted neural prosthetics. Such an approach has several inherent... Read more
TBME 60th Anniversary
Retinal Prosthesis
James D. Weiland and Mark S. Humayun, University of Southern California, Volume 61, Issue 5, page: 2629-2641 Retinal prostheses have been translated from the laboratory to the clinic over the past two decades. Currently, two devices have regulatory approval for the treatment... Read more
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A Wideband Dual-Antenna Receiver for Wireless Recording from Animals Behaving in Large Arenas
Seung Bae Lee, Ming Yin, Joseph R. Manns, and Maysam Ghovanloo Volume 60, Issue: 7, Page(s): 1993-2004 Emerging technologies in bioelectronics, particularly those related to neuroprosthetic devices, have the potential to significantly improve patients’ quality of life. Equally important are the tools... Read more