IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering

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Evaluation of a Wireless Tongue Tracking System on the Identification of Phoneme Landmarks
Visualizing tongue movement in real-time has the potential to improve therapy outcome for millions of people worldwide living with a speech sound disorder because the positioning of the tongue is crucial in the production of many phonemes to be intelligible. Our team has developed a wearable 3D tongue tracking system based on a wireless magnetic localization method. To evaluate its tracking accuracy, 2,500 tongue trajectories were recorded from 10 subjects uttering 25 phonemes. The results show that our system is capable of tracking tongue motion with positional errors in the order of few millimeters (median: 3.9 mm, Q3: 5.8 mm)... Read more
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Deep Learning Architecture to Assist with Steering a Powered Wheelchair
This paper describes a novel Deep Learning architecture to assist with steering a powered wheelchair. A rule-based approach is utilized to train and test a Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) Neural Network. It is the first time a LSTM has been used for steering a powered wheelchair... Read more
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Microaneurysm Detection Using Principal Component Analysis and Machine Learning Methods
Diabetic retinopathy (DR) is an eye abnormality caused by long-term diabetes and it is the most common cause of blindness before the age of 50. Microaneurysms (MAs), resulting from leakage from retinal blood vessels, are early indicators of DR. In... Read more