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The Effects of Subcellular Nanograting Geometry on the Formation and Growth of Bacterial Biofilms
Biofilm formation by bacteria protects them against environmental stresses such as desiccation, shear forces and antimicrobial agents, making them much harder to remove and increasing their virulence and persistence in industrial water systems and biomedical equipment. One promising method of... Read more
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Kinesin-1 Expressed in Insect Cells Improves Microtubule in Vitro Gliding Performance, Long-Term Stability and Guiding Efficiency in Nanostructures
The cytoskeletal motor protein kinesin-1 has been successfully used for many nanotechnological applications. Most commonly, these applications use a gliding assay geometry where substrate-attached motor proteins propel microtubules along the surface. So far, this assay has only been shown to... Read more