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Image guidance in deep brain stimulation surgery to treat Parkinson’s disease: a comprehensive review
Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is an effective therapy for Parkinson’s disease (PD). The success of the procedure depends heavily on the accurate placement of the electrode within the optimal therapeutic targets while avoiding vital structures that can cause adverse outcomes. Interventional guidance with medical imaging has greatly contributed to the development, outcomes, and safety of the procedure. With rapid technological advancements, it will further enhance the capacity and efficacy of the procedure. We present a comprehensive review on the state-of-the-art techniques in image-guided DBS surgery to treat PD, and discuss about the future directions on the topic... Read more
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An Integrated Robotic System for MRI-Guided Neuroablation: Preclinical Evaluation
This paper present preclinical trials of a robotic system for needle-based therapeutic ultrasound (NBTU) ablation of brain tumors under real-time magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) guidance. The system comprises of robotic manipulator and corresponding control electronics, the NBTU ablation system and applications for planning, navigation, and monitoring of the system. The integrated robotic system can place NBTU ablator at a desired target location in porcine brain and monitor the ablation in real-time via magnetic resonance thermal imaging (MRTI). The robotic system had a mean translational and rotational accuracy of 3.13±1.41 mm and 5.58±3.59° in 10 porcine trials... Read more
Magnetic Microdevices for MRI Measurement of SARS-CoV-2 Concentration
Goal: To develop a micron-scale device that can operate as an MRI-based reporter for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 virus. Methods: Iron rod microdevices were constructed via template-guided synthesis and suspended in phosphate buffered saline (PBS). Heat-inactivated SARS-CoV-2 viruses were added... Read more
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A Coaxial RF Applicator for Ultra-High Field Human MRI
In our work, we present a novel concept for the ultra-high-field (UHF) human magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) based on a coaxial cavity is described. Physical dimensions make the proposed conducting structure resonant at the required frequency and tuning lumped elements... Read more
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3D Microwave Tomography Using the Soft Prior Regularization Technique: Evaluation in Anatomically-Realistic MRI-Derived Numerical Breast Phantoms
In this work, we present methods and results for fusion of magnetic resonance imaging(MRI) breast images with microwave tomography through a soft prior regularization technique. This method incorporates accurate boundary location of different regions of interest from MRI as spatial... Read more
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Electrical Tissue Property Imaging at Low Frequency Using MREIT
Jin Keun Seo and Eung Je Woo, Yonsei University & Kyung Hee University, Open Access, Volume 61, Issue 5, Page:1390-1399  The tomographic imaging of tissue’s electrical properties (e.g., conductivity and permittivity) has been greatly improved by recent developments in magnetic resonance (MR) imaging techniques,... Read more
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An Approach to Rapid Calculation of Temperature Change in Tissue Using Spatial Filters to Approximate Effects of Thermal Conduction
Giuseppe Carluccio, Danilo Erricolo, Sukhoon Oh and Christopher M. Collins Volume:60 , Issue:6, Page(s): 1735 – 1741 For assuring safety when radio and microwave frequency electromagnetic fields are applied to the human body, it is important to be able to predict the temperature... Read more
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Multistructure Large Deformation Diffeomorphic Brain Registration
Khan, A. R.; Wang, L.; Beg, M. F.  Volume: 60,  Issue:2, Publication Year: 2013, Page(s): 544 – 553 Whole brain MRI image registration, the task of spatially warping one anatomical image to match another, has many useful applications in group analysis and morphometry in... Read more