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Targeted Drug Delivery for Cardiovascular Disease: Modeling of Modulated Extracellular Vesicle Release Rates
Invasive and medical therapy has led to major improvements in cardiovascular disease management, but important challenges remain open. The discovery of a nano-sized system of extracellular vesicles (EVs) is opening new possibilities for reprogramming malfunctioning cells and indicates that EVs... Read more
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Overcoming Channel Uncertainties in Touchable Molecular Communication for Direct-Drug-Targeting-Assisted Immuno-Chemotherapy
The performance of targeted immuno-chemotherapy of tumor is highly exposed to drug absorption in systemic circulation, which reduces its efficiency and increases side-effects. Direct drug targeting (DDT) combined with immuno-chemotherapy has the potential to mitigate the undesired systemic exposure, by... Read more
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Communication in Plants: Comparison of Multiple Action Potential and Mechanosensitive Signals With Experiments
Both action potentials and mechanosensitive signalling are an important communication mechanisms in plants. Considering an information-theoretic framework, this paper explores the effective range of multiple action potentials for a long chain of cells (i.e., up to 100) in different configurations,... Read more
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Information-Theoretic Model and Analysis of Molecular Signaling in Targeted Drug Delivery
Targeted drug delivery (TDD) modality promises a smart localization of appropriate dose of therapeutic drugs to the targeted part of the body at reduced system toxicity. To achieve the desired goals of TDD, accurate analysis of the system is important.... Read more
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Special Section on Molecular Communications for Interfacing and Modeling Living Systems
Molecular communications (MolCom) has been established as one of the novel interdisciplinary research themes with strong impact on science and technology in the last five years. For this reason, in 2016 the European Project CIRCLE (Coordinating European Research on Molecular... Read more
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Molecular Communication: A Personal Perspective
The authors of this paper have been involved in molecular communication since its conception. They describe their decade-and-a-half long personal journey of the molecular communication research and share their observations and thoughts on how the molecular communication research started and... Read more
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Anti-ISI Demodulation Scheme and Its Experiment-Based Evaluation for Diffusion-Based Molecular Communication
In diffusion-based molecular communication, the most common modulation technique is based on the concentration of information molecules. However, the random delay of molecules due to the channel with memory causes severe inter-symbol interference (ISI) among consecutive signals. In this paper,... Read more
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Adaptive Detection and ISI Mitigation for Mobile Molecular Communication
Current studies on modulation and detection schemes in molecular communication mainly focus on the scenarios with static transmitters and receivers. However, mobile molecular communication is needed in many envisioned applications, such as target tracking and drug delivery. Until now, investigations... Read more
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Maximum Likelihood Detection With Ligand Receptors for Diffusion-Based Molecular Communications in Internet of Bio-Nano Things
Molecular Communication (MC) is a bio-inspired communication technique that uses molecules as a method of information transfer among nanoscale devices. MC receiver is an essential component having profound impact on the communication system performance. However, the interaction of the receiver... Read more
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Bacterial Relay for Energy-Efficient Molecular Communications
In multi-cellular organisms, molecular signaling spans multiple distance scales and is essential to tissue structure and functionality. Molecular communications is increasingly researched and developed as a key subsystem in the Internet-of-Nano-Things paradigm. While short range microscopic diffusion communications is well... Read more