IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering

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A New Modeling Method to Characterize the Stance Control Function of Prosthetic Knee Joints
Biomechanical models can inform design and optimization of prosthetic devices by connecting empirically-derived biomechanical data to device design parameters. A new method is presented to characterize the function of prosthetic stance control under mobility conditions associated with activities of daily... Read more
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Assessing the Benefits of Drug Delivery by Nanocarriers: A Partico/Pharmacokinetic Framework
Nanocarriers, including solid nanoparticles, liposomes, dendrimers, and polymer micelles, are regarded as promising vehicles for targeted drug delivery, particularly for anticancer agents. Here, an in vivo kinetic framework is introduced to analyze and predict the quantitative advantage of using nanocarriers... Read more
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How Modeling Standards, Software, and Initiatives Support Reproducibility in Systems Biology and Systems Medicine
Dagmar Waltemath and Olaf Wolkenhauer, University of Rostock, Germany. Most scientific discoveries build upon previous or other findings. The discovery process therefore relies heavily on the reproducibility of scientific results. A lack of transparency and openness led to what many consider a... Read more