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Investigating the Stroke- and Aging-related Changes in Global and Instantaneous Intermuscular Coupling using Cross-fuzzy Entropy
Intermuscular coupling is essential in the coordination of agonist and antagonist muscles. However, its dynamic characteristics are not fully understood, especially the alterations of intermuscular coupling induced by stroke and aging. This study aimed to investigate the aging- and stroke-related... Read more
Autoencoder-Inspired Convolutional Network-Based Super-Resolution Method in MRI
Objective: To introduce an MRI in-plane resolution enhancement method that estimates High-Resolution (HR) MRIs from Low-Resolution (LR) MRIs. Method & Materials: Previous CNN-based MRI super-resolution methods cause loss of input image information due to the pooling layer. An Autoencoder-inspired Convolutional... Read more
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Learning Multiparametric Biomarkers for Assessing MR-Guided Focused Ultrasound Treatment of Malignant Tumors
A significant challenge for noninvasive MR-guided focused ultrasound (MRgFUS) treatment is assessing the viability of treated tissue during and immediately after MRgFUS procedures. Current clinical assessment uses contrast agents that prevent continuing MRgFUS treatment if tumor coverage is inadequate. This work presents a novel, noncontrast, learned multiparametric MR biomarker that can be used during treatment for iterative assessment with inhibiting treatment continuation. Trained using a novel volume-conserving registration algorithm, the presented noncontrast biomarker outperformed the current clinical standard on a VX2 rabbit tumor model. Details on the registration and deep learning model are included... Read more
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A breast-specific MR guided focused ultrasound platform and treatment protocol: first-in-human technical evaluation
Breast cancer remains one of the most common cancers among women. The development of novel technology for minimally-invasive treatments will provide important new treatment options for many breast cancer patients. This work presents a breast-specific magnetic resonance (MR) guided focused ultrasound system for the treatment of localized breast tumors. The unique design of the system allows for high quality MR images for treatment planning and assessment, target accuracy determination with volumetric magnetic resonance-acoustic radiation force imaging, and real time treatment monitoring with magnetic resonance thermometry. Technical specification for the system are provided as well as preliminary results from a first-in-human clinical trial... Read more
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A Review of Non−1H RF Receive Arrays in Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy
It is now common practice to use radiofrequency (RF) array coils to increase the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) in 1H magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy experiments. Use of array coils for non- 1H experiments, however, has been historically more limited despite the fact that these... Read more
Magnetic Microdevices for MRI Measurement of SARS-CoV-2 Concentration
Goal: To develop a micron-scale device that can operate as an MRI-based reporter for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 virus. Methods: Iron rod microdevices were constructed via template-guided synthesis and suspended in phosphate buffered saline (PBS). Heat-inactivated SARS-CoV-2 viruses were added... Read more
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3D Motion Estimation of Left Ventricular Dynamics Using MRI and Track-to-Track Fusion
This study investigates the estimation of three dimensional (3D) left ventricular (LV) motion using the fusion of different two dimensional (2D) cine magnetic resonance (CMR) sequences acquired during routine imaging sessions. Although standard clinical cine CMR data is inherently 2D,... Read more
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Reference-Based Integral MR-EPT: Simulation and Experiment Studies at 9.4T MRI
Current integral-equation (IE) based MR electrical properties tomography (EPT) methods utilize simulated incident radio-frequency (RF) fields, which are inaccurate and lead to reconstruction errors. To improve the accuracy and practicability of IE-based MR-EPT methods, a new approach is presented that... Read more
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Patient-Specific Computational Simulations of Hyperpolarized 3He MRI Ventilation Defects in Healthy and Asthmatic Subjects
     Combined, medical imaging data and respiratory computer simulations may facilitate novel insight into pulmonary disease phenotypes, including the relationship between its structure and function. This integration may enable improved classification and treatment of severe asthma. Severe asthma (15% of asthmatics)... Read more
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A Magnetoencephalography Study of Pediatric Interictal Neuromagnetic Activity Changes and Brain Network Alterations Caused by Epilepsy in the High Frequency (80–1000 Hz)
More and more studies propose that high frequency brain signals are promising biomarkers of epileptogenic zone. In this paper, our aim is to investigate the neuromagnetic changes and brain network topological alterations during an interictal period at high frequency ranges... Read more