IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering

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A Novel Theranostic Platform: Integration of Magnetomotive and Thermal Ultrasound Imaging with Magnetic Hyperthermia
This paper describes a theranostic system where a single coil is used to apply two different magnetic fields for magnetic hyperthermia (therapy) and magnetomotive ultrasound (diagnostics). This integrated system is proposed to address two of the main challenges that hinder magnetic hyperthermia to be translated into clinical routine: localizing the magnetic nanoparticles (magnetomotive ultrasound) and real-time temperature monitoring (ultrasound thermometry). We believe this study can open up a new horizon in magnetic hyperthermia, where planning, treating, and monitoring can be achieved through a single nanotheranostic agent and a cost-effective, portable, real-time and clinically available imaging device that uses non-ionizing radiation... Read more
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York Physicists Study How Heating Effect of Experimental Cancer Treatment Works
Physicists from the University of York have carried out new research into how the heating effect of an experimental cancer treatment works. Magnetic hyperthermia is viewed as an attractive approach for the treatment of certain cancers as it has no known... Read more