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Water pollutants p-Cresol detection based on Au-ZnO nanoparticles modified tapered optical fiber
In this work, a localized plasmon-based sensor is developed for para-cresol (p-cresol) – a water pollutants detection. A nonadiabatic 40 μm of tapered optical fiber (TOF) has been experimentally fabricated and computationally analyzed using beam propagation method. For optimization of... Read more
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Development of Uric Acid Biosensor Using Gold Nanoparticles and Graphene Oxide Functionalized Micro-Ball Fiber Sensor Probe
A highly sensitive and selective optical fiber-based enzymatic biosensor has been proposed in the present studyfor detection of uric acid (UA) in human serum. The working mechanism of sensor depends on surface plasma property and localized surface plasmon resonance technique.... Read more
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Development of Dopamine Sensor Using Silver Nanoparticles and PEG Functionalized Tapered Optical Fiber Structure
A medical diagnosis of dopamine used one of the most effective localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) optical methods in this study. LSPR technology has many unique features such as real-time monitoring, label-free detection, and smooth integration. Sensor is immobilized with silver-nanoparticles followed by functionalization of polyethylene glycol. Highly sophisticated instruments such as HR-TEM, UV-Vis-spectrophotometer, EDS, and SEM were used for the characterization of nanoparticles and immobilized probe. It shows the great selectivity towards detection of dopamine in the presence of other higher concentrated coexist biomolecules such as ascorbic acid. A noticeable improvement is recorded in the all-important sensing parameters... Read more