Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering

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Highly Efficient Compression Algorithms for Multichannel EEG
   The difficulty associated with processing and understanding the high dimensionality of electroencephalogram (EEG) data requires developing efficient and robust compression algorithms. In this paper, different lossless compression techniques of single and multichannel EEG data, including Huffman coding, arithmetic coding, Markov... Read more
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A Transform-Based Feature Extraction Approach for Motor Imagery Tasks Classification
In this paper, we present a new motor imagery classification method in the context of electroencephalography (EEG)-based brain–computer interface (BCI). This method uses a signal-dependent orthogonal transform, referred to as linear prediction singular value decomposition (LP-SVD), for feature extraction. The... Read more
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Denoising MR Spectroscopic Imaging Data with Low-Rank Approximations
Hien Nguyen, Xi Peng, Minh Do, Zhi-Pei Liang Volume: 60, Issue:1, Part 1, Pages: 78-89,  Abstract Publication Year: 2013 MR spectroscopic imaging (MRSI) is a unique, powerful modality for non-invasive metabolic studies. For example, in neuroimaging studies, MRSI is so far the only non-invasive... Read more