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Rapid impedance spectroscopy for monitoring tissue impedance, temperature, and treatment outcome during electroporation-based therapies
Electroporation-based therapies (EBT) employ high voltage pulsed electric fields to permeabilize tumor tissue; this results in a detectable impedance change. Impedance characterization with a potentiostat is limited by acquisition time (~10s) as this timeframe is larger than pulse periods used with EBTs (~1s). Here, we develop a rapid electrical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) method for impedance characterization (<1s) of electroporation and thermal effects during irreversible electroporation. A biphasic rectangular chirp signal allows for impedance measurements between 1.8 kHz – 4.93 MHz. For the first time, we show impedance analysis at high frequencies (~1 MHz) can delineate thermal effects from electroporation effects... Read more